Saturday, February 7, 2009

#3: Wynarden

Wynarden (also known as Yates Castle)
Brantford, Ontario

   This place was introduced to me by my Grandfather (Papa) about 10 years ago - when I was living with my grandparents for school. I remember getting a ride home and he took this detour, I think to show me that Brantford actually has (or had) a wealthy class at some point.
  The house was commissioned by Henry Yates of the Great West Railway and built in the Tudor style.

   As a house this one is an oddity. It's located right next to the Brantford railway station (which is understandable as to the nature of the owner) and is surrounded by much different houses. The lot is very large, any neighbours that tend their property (which is rare) don't have much to look after. The majority of neighbours have lower income housing. The trees surrounding the property are now old and thick enough to isolate this place from everything - short of the railway lines; the house faces those.

  On the whole, I've mostly interested in older factories and portions of cities that have once been 'the' place and now are a place to avoid. This house is a deviation from the industrial detritus, but was a direct result of industrial wealth.

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This My Grandfathers heritage ,I Linda Bowden Masse, of Gus and Joyce Talos Daughter of Doreen Talos, this a huge memory and I have a book in draft written by Gus Talos about war and family I am contemplating printing,,